5 Types of Car Accident Damages You Should Claim

September 24, 2019

Got a car issue after a car accident that’s proving to be a lot more complicated than expected, or have you been having trouble with the damages that you have to claim after somebody failed to be careful on the road again?

There’s no need to worry. Car accidents are one of the most common reasons behind personal injury cases, and as long as you calm down and are knowledgeable on what to do, it won’t be as complicated as you expect it to be.

As a victim in a car accident, you have every right to be compensated properly for being affected by an act of carelessness and negligence – which is, in more cases, done monetarily. Many different expenses can arise from being affected by a car accident. You’ll have to deal with property damages, medical bills, trauma, treatments, pain, inability to work, and other forms of suffering – which can actually cost you a lot if you aren’t compensated the right way!

Typically, the negligent party’s insurance covers all the necessary costs to defray all expenses as much as possible; however, there are some instances where the other party won’t have insurance, or their insurance company won’t cover all the expenses and only deal with the damage done to your vehicle alone.

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If you want a smooth process for compensation, you will have to hire a professional car accident lawyer who can easily protect your right to financial compensation in the event of an accident. The whole process will be as smooth as possible as long as you have the right knowledge, proper documentation of proof of damages from the accident, and accurate and certified medical records that list your injuries in order.

Although you may have an accident lawyer who is an expert, it also helps to know what kind of compensation you can expect from car accidents caused by negligent drivers. Having the right knowledge on what you can demand can help with crafting a more satisfactory settlement that leaves no stone unturned, which can truly ensure that you’ll be compensated in the best way possible.

In order to help you know what to expect in terms of compensation after a car accident, we’ve prepared a list of the most common types of damages that you can receive compensation for during your settlement:

Car Accident Property Damages

As a result of common sense (which can definitely pull out a red flag if the other party refuses to pay for the damages that they caused), property damage is something that you’ll immediately need to work on compared to everything else. Have a police officer on duty note the damage done to your vehicle, followed by getting a mechanic to formalize a list of necessary expenses that will be incurred in order to fix your car back to its proper condition.

Medical Expenses/Damages Caused by a Car Accident

Often times, a car accident (or any vehicular accident in general) may result in having you to be brought to the nearest hospital, medically examined, and being attended to right away. Whether it be a minor injury or a major one, the expenses that need to be shelled out to treat any kind of injury must be duly noted for proper compensation. Here are some of the most common medical expenses you’ll have to deal with after an accident:

  • Physical Therapy
  • Cognitive Therapy
  • Ambulance Fees
  • Doctor Consultations
  • Medical Supplies (crutches)
  • Permanent Disability Costs
  • In-Home Care Services
  • On-Going Care and Treatments

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Lost Wage Damages Due to a Car Accident

Much like a workers’ compensation claim, if there are any injuries that you may have incurred after the car or motorcycle accident that prevent you from being able to work properly, you’ll have to miss out work – which means losing wages. With a letter from your employer along with important information about how much you’re being paid, along with a medical report of how many days you’ll be unable to work will help you make your case when trying to receive compensation for any amount of wage you may have lost due to an inability to return to work right away.

Pain and Suffering Damages from a Car Accident

After an accident, you may undergo physical or mental distress which often results in a compromise of some form in your quality of life. The charge for these types of damages often depends on the severity of the pain or injury experienced, and any other after-effects that may come with experiencing an accident, such as (but not limited to): anxiety, trauma, loss of enjoyment in life, and financial burden.

Out of Pocket Expenses and Damages

This type of damage or cost usually refers to any other miscellaneous costs that were incurred after the accident, such as transportation, parking tickets, towing, and over-the-counter medical supplies. The guide to understanding what costs qualify for this type of damage lies in your usual purchasing habits, wherein it can be inferred that if you don’t pay for those costs normally, then they are part of the out of pocket expenses that must be reimbursed or financially compensated for.