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An accident involving a semi-truck, 18-wheeler or tractor-trailer is likely to result in very serious injuries or even death. At the Law Office of Donna Clark Frayne, LLC we have more than 20 years of experience representing persons who have been injured in truck accidents. We have the legal and practical knowledge to represent you effectively and to get you the compensation you need and deserve.

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We investigate the causes of the truck accident and collect the necessary evidence to make your case. A truck driver may have been very tired from many hours on the road, making him less attentive than necessary. A mechanical problem with the truck may have caused the accident. Whatever the reason for your truck accident, we find evidence to show that the driver and/or trucking company were responsible for your injury and should pay. We do not settle for a small recovery from an insurance company, but aggressively pursue every dollar of compensation you deserve. If necessary, we fight aggressively for you in the courtroom to get a favorable jury verdict.

The Law Office of Donna Clark Frayne, LLC handles personal injury cases of all levels of complexity. Whether you’ve suffered with broken bones or with the tragic loss of a loved one, we strive to protect your future.

Destructive force leads to catastrophic injury and wrongful death

The sheer force of a heavy tractor-trailer moving at high speed can easily crush a passenger car, causing catastrophic injury or death. The type of cargo the truck hauls can also complicate the accident, harming the victims in numerous ways. We manage commercial truck accident cases involving:

brain injury

Concussive force, blunt impact or skull penetration can damage brain tissue, impairing cognitive ability, motor skills and speech. A victim of traumatic brain injury may also suffer from headaches, mood swings and personality changes.

spinal cord injury

Compression or severing of the spine can lead to total paralysis below the point of the injury.

loss of limbs

When passenger cars are crushed, arms and legs can be severed or so badly damaged they need to be amputated surgically.

severe burn injuries

Oil and gas tankers can fuel fires that badly burn trapped motorists. Trucks carrying caustic chemicals can spill their loads, exposing anyone in the vicinity to severe skin, lung and eye damage.

wrongful death

We represent family members of fatally injured motorists and passengers in wrongful death lawsuits.

obtaining compensation from operators of rental trucks

Rental trucks present certain challenges because they are not regulated the same way as common carriers. There are no regulations regarding the qualifications of drivers or the hours they’re permitted to spend behind the wheel. The driver does not work for the rental company, so the company is not bound by respondent superior to answer for the negligence of the renter. If the truck itself was not at fault, the driver who rented the vehicle is solely responsible.

However, rental companies are notorious for poor maintenance of their vehicles. If the company rented a truck that was in disrepair, and that defect contributed to the accident, the rental company would be liable for at least a percentage of the damage done. Cases like this require thorough investigation, as can only be done by an experienced attorney with access to qualified experts and the ability to subpoena records.

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