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Lawsuits against landlords and building owners in St. Louis, Missouri

The law requires owners and landlords to keep their property in a reasonably safe condition. They can be found responsible under the law if a person is injured on the property due to the responsible party’s negligence. Owners and landlords may also be held responsible when someone is injured on a sidewalk in front of his or her property. Another example would be if you trip and fall on a wet floor at the supermarket, you may have the right to receive compensation from the supermarket.

How we handle premises liability cases

At the law office of St. Louis personal injury lawyer Donna Clark Frayne, we are committed to seeking compensation for the injuries you suffer on someone else’s property. Ms. Frayne has wide experience in this area and is compassionate, understanding and devoted to enforcing the rights of injured individuals. She seeks to obtain justice and protect your rights when you have been hurt by another’s negligence.

Our firm handles premises liability cases and treats the injured victims of these accidents with dignity and respect. We’ve handled hundreds of cases of varying degrees of severity.

common types of premises liability cases include:

  • A shopper falls on snow or ice in the parking lot of a shopping mall
  • A person falls on a torn carpet in the lobby of an office building
  • Assault on property located in an area known to have criminal activity of a similar type
  • A shopper slips on a spilled drink in a supermarket aisle
  • A child drowns in a swimming pool in a back yard without a fence
  • A child falls from a ride at an amusement park because the seat belt was broken
  • A waiter spills a bowl of hot soup on a customer eating at a restaurant

Aggressive personal injury legal representation to secure the recovery you deserve

St. Louis dog bites lawyers and premises liability attorneys must provide aggressive legal representation. At the Law Office of Donna Clark Frayne, our goal is to do what it takes to get you the compensation you deserve. Premises liability law is complicated. Courts look at many factors to decide if a property holder caused your injury and should compensate you. At our office, we keep track of changes in the law. We know which factors courts look at and we make sure we collect the necessary information about your accident to prove your case and get you compensated.

Let us worry about your case while you focus on your recovery. You can depend on our St. Louis accident lawyer to do whatever is necessary to protect your rights. We have the knowledge and experience to represent you successfully when you have been injured in any way on someone else’s property.

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