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Being attacked by an animal can be a terribly frightening experience, especially for a child. A dog bite is a painful physical injury. It can also have psychological effects that last for a long time. Under Missouri law, people who own or keep dogs may be held responsible for an attack by their dogs. If a dog has a history of attacking people, the owner should know the animal is dangerous. In such a situation, the law expects the owner to take more care than other dog owners must to prevent such attacks.

St. Louis dog bite attorney Donna Clark Frayne successfully has represented adult and child victims of dog attacks, getting them the compensation they deserve. We can help to protect you also.

Animal bite lawyers who provide aggressive legal representation to help heal your wounds

Donna has more than 20 years’ experience as a St. Louis liability attorney. Over the years, we have developed a practical and effectdive approach to animal attack cases. When we represent you, you can expect to benefit from our exceptional skill:

thorough investigation

When you’re the victim of a St. Louis animal attack, your lawyer must assemble the evidence necessary to build a case for the responsible party’s liability in the particular circumstances. For example, if the dog owner knew before your attack that the dog had a propensity to bite that information may strengthen your case. Our firm has the resources and know-how to get that evidence efficiently.

A compassionate injury lawyer

We know that the physical and emotional pain from a dog bite can be overwhelming. We are committed to helping you to secure the compensation you deserve. We obtain your medical records and speak with your doctor. We determine how bad your injury is so that we make sure we get you enough compensation. Although dog bites may seem like just a simple cut, the wound may become infected and require more complicated treatment. We do whatever it takes to get you the appropriate compensation.

getting compensation for your dog bite wounds

Dog’s, obviously, are animals. They do not always have the mental capacity to know what is right and what is wrong. A dog can only be as well behaved as he is trained. If a dog owner fails to secure their animal properly, and it attacks you, the dog owner is to blame.

Dogs are a responsibility not everyone takes seriously. Improper training is the most common cause of a dog attack. When an improperly trained dog is improperly secured around people, a disaster is waiting to happen.

Even dogs who are trained not to bite can attack at any time. Sometimes dogs, much like some humans, just snap without warning. It is an all-too-common occurrence that we hear about almost daily.

children and dog attacks

For many reasons, children are more prone to dog attacks. A study by The American Humane Association reports that children under the age of 15 account for 82% of dog bites treated in emergency rooms. Children do not always know the dangers of dogs and, perhaps even more importantly, they do not know when a dog is about to attack. Dog bites leave devastating injuries to a child. An average sized dog has the ability to leave fatal wounds if a child is too small to protect itself.

what should I do if I have been bitten by a dog?

The first thing you need to do after a dog bite is get proper medical attention. Even if the wound looks minor or is virtually painless. Dog bites can lead to serious infections if they are not treated properly.

Next you need to think about the possibility of hiring a personal injury attorney who specializes in dog bites. If a negligent owner’s dog attacked you then you are likely eligible for compensation. Fill out the form below to find out more.

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