What Determines the Severity of a Burn?

December 13, 2016

Lawyers and burn injuries

St. Louis personal injury attorneys must be able to determine monetary amounts for damages when seeking compensation on behalf of their clients.

Having knowledge about the severity of a burn injury and the extent of the treatment required for restoring health is part of an attorney’s job.

If a lawyer is not able to determine the correct degree of a burn injury it could be very damaging to your case.

The first thing anyone who has suffered a burn injury should do is see a doctor. A doctor can not only classify what type of burn you have suffered, but they also will be able to tell you what you need to do in order to properly treat and heal your burns.

Understanding the different degrees of burns

While all burns are painful, and very serious, the degree of a burn plays a major role in all burn injury cases.

According to Shiners Hospital, the varying degrees of burns are classified as:

first-degree burns and their symptoms

First-degree burns are the least serious burns, but can still be very painful.

First-degree burns are the type in which only the top of the skin is effected. Also known as “superficial burns”, these burns usually appear within several hours of when you are exposed to the heat causing the burn.

First-degree burns do not blister or leave scars, and they usually heal within several days. Symptoms can include a needle prick-like sensation and a red coloring to the skin.

First-degree burns can be the result of things like sunburn, having a hot liquid touch your skin, and tanning beds.

While first-degree burns are less serious, they can still be grounds for a lawsuit if you were burned due to an accident or negligence.

second-degree burns and their symptoms

Second-degree burns is a more serious burn that penetrates deeper into the skin.

Second-degree burns often take days or even weeks to heal. They tend to cause blisters that can be very serious and should be treated very cautiously.

Second degree burns can be caused by a great deal of things, some of them being: exposure to fire, touching or rubbing a hot engine, and fireworks.

third-degree burns and their symptoms

Third-degree burns are the most severe type of burn.

Third-degree burns are so bad they tear through every layer of skin. Often times, third-dree burns leave extremely sever burns and a can appear red, black, brown or white. Third-degree burns leave a high possibility of scarring as well.

Third-degree burns leave your body completely exposed and it is crucial you receive medical treatment as soon as possible.

In some cases, surgery is even required. Even if the pain starts to subside, it is extremely important to continue to treat your burns. Open wounds or blisters leave you body more susceptible to infections and could cause even more harm to your body.

Taking legal action for burn injuries

Unfortunately, burns can be extremely painful and expensive. Often times, burns can cause people to miss work due to treatment or care for their wounds.

The first thing burn victims should do after seeking medical attention is speak with a qualified burn injury lawyer. Burn in juries due to accidents or negligence are likely liable for a lawsuit and compensation.

Donna Clark Frayne is a St. Louis burn injury attorney and personal injury lawyer who defends those injured due to burns, fires, or explosions. She has helped people receive workers’ compensation settlements and will work with you to receive the compensation you deserve.