Why You Need an Attorney after a Motorcycle Accident

May 16, 2019

Getting help after a motorcycle accident

For a motorcycle rider like you, the breeze, speed, lightness, and agility that comes with riding a motorcycle is unmatched by any four-wheeled counterpart. Not only does riding a motorcycle give you a rush of endorphins but it comes with its own practical purposes as well.

You can travel about St. Louis and almost always get to your destination on time!

Yet, riding a motorcycle presents hazards of its own.

For one, it does not have seatbelts and airbags as four-wheeled cars do. They can also easily skid in rain and snow.

You have less balance on two wheels compared to four, and you will appear less conspicuous from the point of view of other drivers.

Motorcycle drivers are prone to committing fatal mistakes when driving. Mechanical errors such as brake problems can throw you off the road and into an ambulance stretcher.

Even if you wear protective gear such as a helmet and a leather jacket, the rest of your body is vulnerable to injuries resulting from a crash.

In the case that you are involved in a motorcycle accident, regardless of whether it is your fault or no fault of your own, it’s important to contact a motorcycle injury attorney immediately. Here’s why:

Your problems will not end in the hospital

In addition to being badly injured in an accident involving your bike, you are also vulnerable to legal suits especially if another person, vehicle, or property is also involved in the incident.

It does not help that the current culture often regards bikers as risk-takers with no regard for their own safety and that of others.

While this stereotype is unfair and far from accurate, this kind of default thinking may result in you being charged in court for something in which you were innocent. Not only could you be deprived of compensation for your injuries, but you could land in jail yourself, should you happen to live to face the court.

Since court judges and juries are also human beings, their judgment in a case that involves you may turn against your favor because they are colored by these preconceived biases.

Thus, having a sympathetic injury attorney who knows how to pound the facts and the law in your behalf would be helpful in easing the pain from your injuries, as well as your relatives’ pain from grief.

What rights do injured or killed motorcycle riders have?

If you prove that the accident you were in was the result of another party’s actions, then you have the right to get full compensation for the medical costs, lost wages, and lost future income, as well as from the pain and suffering.

This is easier said than done, especially if you are on crutches.

Remember that the other party, the prosecutor, or the police who you will face in court will be determined to pin the blame on you and have you jailed. To win your case, you need a determined and skilled attorney who will not be easily intimidated by their court rhetoric.

You will also need an attorney to help you gather evidence, interview witnesses, and collect medical records for your case.

Don’t go at it alone

While you really may fit the stereotype of a risk-loving motorcycle rider, that doesn’t mean you should suffer for something you were not responsible for. Stereotypes shouldn’t reduce your equal rights and protection before the law.

Do you need compensation or legal advice for your accident? Get in touch with us today! We’re specialists in personal injury law and are always more than happy to help!

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