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experienced car crash attorney in St. Louis, Missouri

If you or your loved one has been injured in an auto accident, your first concern is medical care. However, you should investigate your legal options as soon as possible.

An auto accident can cause permanent disability or even death, along with long-term stress and financial difficulty for you and your family.

To obtain the compensation you deserve, seek legal advice immediately from The Law Office of Donna Clark Frayne.

We’ve earned a reputation for aggressive advocacy and dedication to clients’ who have been injured or killed due to an auto or car accident.

We fight for compensation to cover your expenses, including costs for medicines and treatment, and damages for your loss of income resulting from the accident. We use advice from medical experts to understand your injuries and the medical needs they entail to determine how much compensation to seek for you.

Your welfare and best interests are our sole priority, whether we are negotiating a settlement or representing you in the courtroom.

car accident lawyer in St. Louis

Motorists in the greater St. Louis area face hazards on the various arteries of I-70, I-64, I-55, 270 and their connecting routes.

Distracted driving, drunk driving, aggressive driving, road and weather conditions, and plain inattentiveness contribute to more than 50,000 injuries in Missouri every year.

The Law Office of Donna Clark Frayne regularly represents clients in and around St. Louis and Illinois who’ve been injured in car, truck, motorcycle or any other vehicle accidents.

types of auto accidents we handle

car wrecks

Car accidents in St. Louis, and around the United States, happen far too often.

Nowadays, people are always in a rush to get where they are going and this can be extremely dangerous.

There are hundreds of car accident attorneys in St. Louis, but none will fight for you like Donna Clark Frayne. Donna is an aggressive car accident lawyer who has the ability to win your case, get you the money you’re owed, and help make your legal process go as easy as possible.

No matter how big or how small the accident, Donna is the right choice to represent you after your car crash.

motorcycle accidents

As a motorcycle owner and rider herself, Donna knows that operators and their passengers are at greater risk for serious injuries than drivers and passengers encased in an automobile.

Pedestrians are often struck and injured by drivers of automobiles who don’t obey traffic regulations, especially at intersections. Whatever the nature of your accident or the type of your vehicle, our firm is determined to help.

Motorcycle accidents, often times, cause catastrophic injuries to the bike rider and any passengers. If you don’t have an experienced motorcycle accident attorney, you may not receive all of the compensation you are entitled to.

truck accidents

Truck accidents can have some of the most devastating results.

Commercial trucks have tremendous destructive force, making truck accidents particularly deadly.

Donna is a powerful St. Louis truck accident lawyer who works quickly to make sure you have all of the evidence you need to win your trucking case.

Truck wreck attorneys need to move fast and Donna and her team work as quickly as possible so no evidence goes unnoticed.

common reasons to file a car accident lawsuit in missouri

drunk driving accidents

Almost half of all fatal auto accidents in Missouri involve an intoxicated driver.

The good news is that evidence of a driver’s intoxication makes it much easier for an injured party to win compensation. The bad news is that chemical evidence must be collected shortly after the accident.

A victim of a drunk driving accident should never engage the driver, but must communicate any suspicion to the police on the scene and request that they conduct appropriate sobriety tests.

Donna’s ability to gather evidence and build your case makes her one of the best St. Louis drunk driving attorneys to represent your case.

dangerous or erratic driving

Almost every time to take to the road you see someone driving a car erratically.

If someone is rushing to get somewhere, or just has no regard for the other automobiles on the road, they are putting all of the other drivers at risk.

If you are in an automobile accident that is caused by a negligent driver, you are likely owed compensation for any damage to yourself, your car, or your passengers.

If you don’t have the best automobile accident attorney you may not receive all of the compensation you deserve.

texting and driving accidents

Phones have become one of the leading causes of car accidents in the world.

While the increase in accessibility of technology has countless perks, it is also becoming a dangerous weapon.

Teens new to driving, often times, don’t realize the dangers of texting and driving. Their need to text, use social media, or even look up directions, distracts their attention from the road and far to often leads to a car accident.

Unfortunately, this is not just an issue for teens. People of all ages continue to get in car accidents due to being distracted by texting while driving.

The Law Office of Donna Clark Frayne has the resources to win cases for the people who have been injured or killed due to texting-while-driving in St. Louis, Missouri or the surrounding areas. She has over 20 years of auto accident experience and is dedicated to winning her client’s cases.

faulty automobile parts

It seems like everyday we hear about another automobile manufacturer recalling vehicles due to faulty or poorly installed parts.

Unfortunately, these car manufacturers usually don’t recognize the problem until the issue causes a car accident or even deaths.

Fighting these million, and even billion, dollar car companies requires an extremely experienced product liability attorney. The Law Offices of Donna Clark Frayne have the experience and resources to fight these huge corporations and win your case.

attorney for injured passengers & passengers at fault

Injured passengers of an at-fault driver can claim compensation.

Passengers injured in auto accidents can file personal injury claims even if they were in the car of the at-fault driver. However, there are a couple of scenarios that may make it difficult for them to collect damages:

passenger distraction car accidents

Often, boisterous passengers can cause a driver to make a critical mistake.

A driver can defend a claim against a passenger by asserting that the passenger was even more at-fault for creating a distraction.

The driver could prevail on the issue of liability or the passenger’s claim could be reduced under Missouri’s pure comparative negligence law.

passengers injured due to drunk driving

If a passenger does not know the driver of the car has been drinking, the fault lies entirely with the drunk driver.

However, when a passenger who has been out drinking with the driver all night, or has otherwise had opportunity to observe that the driver was intoxicated, a court may find that the passenger assumed the risk.

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